Gift 514 Distressed Savory Rect. Cutting Board Gift

Gift 514 Distressed Savory Rect. American Hardwood Cutting Board Gift Contain 7oz of Wisconsin Cheddar with Onion and Chive Cheese, 7oz of Wisconsin Chipotle Cheese, 5oz of Smokey Valley Spicy All Beef Summer Sausage, 3.75oz of Asiago Garlic Cheese Spread, 3.75oz Of Mediterranean Vegetable Cheese Spread and .75oz of Partners Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers. All of these gourmet products are packed on a distressed all American Hardwood Cutting board, that measures 7x13x7/8". This gift is completely made by persons with disabilities.

  • Shipping

    Can be shipped nationwide or delivered in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Additional costs may apply.

  • Policy

    We reserve the right to change product if out of stock or unavailable  We  will replace item with equal or more valuable product. We reserve the right to also change the ribbon or bows to the creating of our design staff.

    If not fully satified with our product we ask that you call us so we can make it right.  We want 100% satifaction.


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